Tuesday, 12 December 2017

A Holistic Development for Your Child

It is that time of the year when parents are busy choosing the right school providing right curriculum for admitting their child. It’s imperative to make a wise decision as you are putting them on a path towards lifelong learning, an esteemed status in the society and a successful career. It is considered as the most crucial step taken by parents to foster better education and provide a superior lifestyle to their children.

The Heritage School is a best ICSE School in Dehradun which has put in more than 64 years of dedicated service in the education industry.It is a multi-faceted educational institution and also a helpmate to implant cultural & human values among the children while making them confident enough socially and academically to be able to achieve high end success and create their own marquee.

The top school in Dehradun further adds that the teaching pedagogy is a blend of scholastic learning with practical application so as to impart a wholesome education to the students. To emulate the same, the school stands committed in providing to society, a socially and morally responsible learning community. Learning that is applicable to real life and is lifelong. We postulate that extra-curricular and academics go hand in hand so as to endeavor an overall personality development of the students. To support the same we always urge our students to take initiatives in extracurricular activities like active participation in elocution activities, proactive approach in sports and creativity in thoughts so as to endow them with a holistic development.

The School alongside imparting quality education also gives due importance to the infrastructure for its believes a good infrastructure with all the latest facilities is a key point in a child’s mental and physical growth.  We have pre-eminent classrooms, laboratories, AV rooms and library for students so that they can progress and evolve every day. The school also has a play-ground for students physical development and is equipped with providing medical aid for a healthy lifestyle. We provide an all-round development to students keeping in mind their spiritual, cultural , academic, social and physical development so as to provide them with good character and inner strength.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The Rules for a Healthy Development

Schools act as the building blocks of a child’s development. Schools educate students to accept a society where the government and other institutions tell us what to think and do.

Adhering to school rules is extremely important for students as it plays an integral role in the education of a child as it enables the students to remain focused and excel in their academic curriculum. When students follow school rules, it can lead to a more disciplined and controlled life.

 The Heritage School is a top ICSE School in Dehradun postulates that when students in school stay focused they get a better education.  It might not be documented in the school maneuver but it is certainly one of the most primitive rule that teachers, principals, and parents want the students to follow. The best school in Dehradun further adds that rules is not just restricted to being focused on the academic curriculum but also encircle a student’s behavior in campus, policies on punctuality and retardation and personal appearance.

The Dehradun School highlights that rules are important to inculcate discipline. They play an integral role in ensuring that students know how to behave and the consequences of misbehaving, which would prevent them from any unwanted punishments and embarrassments.

These rules are to be  made so as to communicate  students on what they are suppose to do, their ideal behavior inside or outside the school or in public.  Following rules and regulations make the students aware of how to behave in a certain way and carry themselves in the society so as not to become a disgrace to their school and family.

It is very much integral for a school to work on personal grooming, regularity, punctuality and discipline to create good behavior among students and instill moral values among them so as to promulgate quality education.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

A Great Teacher Prospers Greater Learnings

A teacher's role can be defined more than simply standing in front of a classroom and delivering lecture to students. A successful teacher knows that they need to wear multiple hats so as to enhance the academic enrichment and bestow quality education. To follow the same, the teachers play a very significant and integral role.

The Heritage School is a top ICSE School in Dehradun wherein the faculties of the school are highly educated and masters in their respective subjects so as to make the learnings more fortified to foster quality education which acts as critical measure for the overall enhancement of students.

The teachers in the Best ICSE School in Dehradun play multiple roles. Their roles are not just restricted to educators but are also avid learners who constantly upgrade themselves with latest practices which would help them deliver better results in their teaching pedagogy so as to enhance the learning experience of the students.

 The School postulates that in today's time, the teachers are equally responsible to entitle and empower students to come out as a competent youth who are ready to face the challenges of the rapidly changing world. Hence, the learning imbibed by the students is carried forward in their life and its implications are applied in the long run.To emanate the same, the students are always encouraged to proactively involve themselves in various co-curricular and elocution activities. The methodologies adapted by the teachers assess the creative abilities of the students wherein engagement of students are vital.

The School affirms that teaching quality acts as key determinant in student’s learnings and his experiences in the school .The kind of education imparted by the teachers to their students contribute towards the students achievements. It is important that a school needs to strike a balance between school quality and quality teaching so as to provide quality education.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Books Are the Stepping Stones of Imagination

A  School Library is a temple of reading and a perfect place which provides a pliable space with a wide range of resources to support learning and teaching throughout the school to have a spirited role in the evolution and growth of a culture that promotes wider reading motivated readers and learners for life. The motive to have a school library is to assist every member of the school community i.e. the students, the faculties and staff acquire new knowledge, skills and temperament for learning and personal development that they will use and value throughout their lives.

The Heritage School is a top ICSE School in Dehradun which has always urged its students to take initiatives beyond the academic curriculum so as to postulate an overall development of their students. For the same, the school has a plethora of facilities to offer to their students so as to impart a wholesome education to them. The school has a spacious library which is well furnished and fully automated with world of an art infrastructure having a varied collection of more than 5000 books out of which some are very latest and many handed over as a valuable treasure. The school library can accommodate more than 200 students and allows them to read about different subjects like Science, History, Religion, Psychology, GK, Quiz and other reference books. A library is a place which offers not just textbooks but also allows students to gather information through reference books so as to help them in making notes which helps every student with relevance to their academics.

The Best School in Dehradun further adds that reading is one such habit which broadens the mind of the students and they get a better command and knowledge of a particular subject. A library is an apt place to practice this habit for it has a peaceful environment which permits the students to read without any disturbances for their mental development. A library opens a world of wisdom for the students as it allows them in building their confidence and gaining knowledge by reading books on various subjects and topics.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A Good Infrastructure Encourages Greater Learnings

It is often witnessed, for those who love to read and study, any place or any environment can be considered as suitable to gain knowledge. They hold a strong opinion on the fact that space and environment are irrelevant and the physical context is peripheral, and that what is imperative is to work on the concentration power in whatever you are reading.  

The reality of the above statement is quite a paradox when we talk about the educational systems. It is of prime importance to have rooms and learning spaces in apt conditions for students to accomplish the expected academic results. To surmise it, the condition of the schools directly impacts the performance of the students

The Heritage School, Dehradun offers a world-class infrastructure to their students for it believes that schools are the second home to students and they serve varied purposes in a child's life. From boosting their confidence to making them learn the importance of teamwork and socialization, a student learns everything here. Away from home, schools become the place for children to spend their maximum time.  The ICSE School in Dehradun gives credit to the fact that infrastructure plays a budding hand in creating a favourable environment for a child's growth. The learning environment should be such that it not only assures learning but also pays special attention to the mental and physical well-being of the students. Adding to it, the education given to students in schools with poor infrastructure can have lower achievement scores as compared to the ones studying in schools that have better infrastructure and facilities. For this reason, investments in school infrastructure have a pivotal role in resolving access problems of students to the school system and improving their performance. 

The top School in Dehradun has pre-eminent classrooms, laboratories, AV rooms and library for students so that they can accelerate their academic performance and increase the score of their attendance. The school also has playground and provide medical facilities to their students so as to facilitate their overall development. The school asserts that overcrowded and stressful environment can affect the learning capabilities of children.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

A Broad Curriculum Celebrates Various Talents

Education is a tool which helps an individual to succeed in the contemporary world. It is imperative because it is used to alleviate most of the challenges faced in life. The knowledge that is attained through quality education helps open doors to a lot of opportunities for better prospects in career growth and making an individual confident.

 The Heritage School is one of the best schools in Dehradun which has a large campus with the most salubrious surroundings. Mr. John J.Sookias and Mrs. Maisie Sookias were destined to impact education when in 1953 they started this School in Dehradun. It was in the year 1953 when Mr. J J Sookias and his wife Mrs. M Sookias started this school in Dehradun and called it “The Doon Cultural Centre”. School imparts education which is a combination of literacy and values of life and stands committed in providing to society, a socially and morally responsible learning community. Learning that is applicable to real life and is lifelong.

The ICSE School in Dehradun has an education curriculum which focuses on the overall development of the students. The school lays stress on both academic as well as co-curricular activities for it believes that just good academics do not help a student become a responsible citizen. A student must be equally talented in other fields as well. Being both academically and co-curricularly talented help students face the world and assist them shaping their personality.

The School in Dehradun postulates such activities help the students develop an enriched learning experience by offering them an opportunity of thinking in new ways of problem solving and critical thinking. The basic curriculum inculcates and teaches the students regarding academic theories while co-curricular activities help the students apply what they have learned by practicing in their practical life. These activities are important as they develop the students intellectually. The type of exposure these activities offer is not probable for being achieved through theoretic ways and therefore are highly helpful in developing a student’s talent.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Children’s Day- Lets Celebrate the Joys Of Childhood

Children’s day marks the birthday of Shri. Jawaharlal Nehru. It is celebrated on 14th November to manifest the work of a great leader and the first Prime Minister of India. Shri. Jawaharlal Nehru was one of the supreme leaders who worked passionately for the welfare of children and the youth soon after independence. His enormous passion about welfare, education and development of children made him popular by the name of “ Chacha Nehru” among young followers and supporters.

The Heritage School believes that this very day celebrates the welfare of the children all over the country. This day aims to honour children globally aiming at fortifying them from working long hours in dangerous circumstances and allowing access to rightful and supreme education. The Top School in Dehradun postulates that Children's Day offers each of us an inspirational entry-point to advocate, promote and celebrate children's rights, translating into dialogues and actions that will build "A World Fit for Children".

The ICSE School in Dehradun state that children see and experience the world differently than adults. Therefore a part of a child’s healthy development is about engaging him with the society and the world around them. With age, the capabilities of children tend to rise and with proper involvement of them, they can make a real and powerful difference in the world around them. The school considers that all the rights of children must be realized including the most disadvantaged.

The school advocates all the parents to take their child to an NGO or children's home on this day and imbibe some precious values in them through such generous acts. This way the child will get to know about the real significance of this day. After all ‘Children will not remember the material things being provided to them but for the feeling that you as a parent cherish them’.

A Holistic Development for Your Child

It is that time of the year when parents are busy choosing the right school providing right curriculum for admitting their child. It’s ...