Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Time Management is Life Management

The school years are some of the most important years of one’s life. These are the most memorable times, and also extremely engaging and occupied. We at The Heritage School – Best ICSE School in Dehradun believe that there’s fun, there’s play, there’s study, there are homework, tests, and assignments, there’s entertainment - and there’s whatnot in a student's life. Given all of this, the importance of managing your time well, and having a good daily routine is immense in a student’s life.

Wake up on Time

Well, this should have gone unsaid, but the importance of waking up on time is so much, that it comes up every time we talk about time management. A student needs to develop a healthy habit of waking up on time daily, as being late to get out of bed disturbed the schedule of the entire day, and then you miss out on the important task of the day. Take help of an alarm clock in initial days, synchronize your sleep cycle and the body clock, so you can automatically get up at the stroke of the clock each morning!

List down the day’s Tasks

The first step to a productive day in a student’s life should be listing down all the tasks that need to complete in that day. This can a pending homework, preparing for a test next day, a form to be filled or a book to be bought - just list down everything to be accomplished, and make it a point to get those done by the end of the day.

Eliminate the Inessential

Students always keep complaining about lack of time to do a number of things, but they never realize how much time they would waste on some absolutely useless chores. Eliminating all that which is not essential from daily routine is critical to time management. If you can’t completely eliminate, reduce the time you waste. The time you spend on mobile games, video games, T.V., sleeping and simply sitting doing nothing, need to be worked upon.

Try following these tips, and you will see how you have just enough time for everything! Heritage Public School - the best school in Dehradun urges you to utilize your time wisely and make the best out of it.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Best Amongst Dehradun Schools | How "The Heritage" Nurtures Creativity

The Heritage is one of the best schools in Dehradun and stands out from any other school in the region. It is because The Heritage has always believed in providing something special for the growth of the kids, something beyond the limits of the regular classroom teaching, and the curriculum. 

At The Heritage, we aim to provide an education that belongs to the future. The future that we face, is going to be radically different from the present times. We can expect a majority of jobs that we have today, to be taken over by machines. The only individuals that will survive, will be the ones with a creative nerve in their minds, individuals who can find out path-breaking solutions to the problems. We are so glad that at The Heritage, we are already preparing our students for the future and hence is listed among the Top 5 Schools in Dehradun

The school works to instill creativity amongst the students through multiple avenues. We have regular art and craft sessions and boot camps for the students to create formidable pieces of art while opening up their minds to new thoughts and ideas. Classes on music, dance and singing are held to allow the students to build their own stuff in the field. Students are exposed to the outside world when they go out on educational tours, excursions and field visits, to open them up to the realities. We have multiple sporting facilities on the campus, that foster in the students the skills of team management, on the spot creative thinking and decision making. 

We also hold regular discussions and debate sessions in the school, where students can put to the forefront, their views on various topics. The aim is to allow the students find creative solutions to the problems around us. 

At The Heritagebest ICSE School in Uttarakhand, our aim has always been to go an extra mile and serve our children what’s in their best interests. When your child goes to The Heritage, you can rather stay assured that he or she will come out to be very creative and intelligent person, with a very bright future.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Importance of “Reading Habit” at Heritage – Best School in Dehradun

Education is not limited to what is taught in the classrooms. At Heritage – Best School in Dehradun, we believe that the purpose of education is not to create individuals with well-framed minds, and a limited world-view. The purpose of education is to give birth to leaders, thinkers, and doers who have a broad vision and a caliber to change the world.

What is taught in the classroom, is just a generic set of skills - same lessons being taught to children of varied interests, talents, and capabilities worldwide. Well, there’s no doubt that the classroom teaching is indeed the foundation of everything that follows in an ideal life, it’s important to develop one’s own individualistic learning path, that leads the student from being one in the hearing to be an exemplary individual.

Developing a robust “Reading Habit” is a good way to start in that direction. When a student reads a book, he or she is exposed to an amazing new world of ideas, a world of contrasting thoughts, a world of new and unimaginable things. Basically, a book lets a student peep inside the author’s mind and pick up a couple of good thoughts. Reading not only helps the students develop sharp and creative minds, but it also instills in them unbeatable knowledge of the language, communication, and vocabulary.

Many a times, students and parents raise the question that what should be read? Well, the answer is this - just about anything! As it is said, there are no bad books. All that you have to do is pick up a book, and start reading it. It can be a book on history, on philosophy, politics or the wonders of science. It can about the universe, or about the land of fairies, kings and queens. Once you start reading a book, you will always find something good to take back home from it.

At The Heritage School – Best ICSE School in Dehradun, we always encourage our students to develop a good reading habit. We have a well-stocked library for the students to help them pick up and try books of their choice. We would like appeal to the parents to support us in the endeavor, and help their child develop a robust habit of reading.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Best School in Dehradun | Facilities

A school is a place where students go not just to learn, not just for the academics, but also to explore themselves, experiment and build their character. At The Heritage School - Best School in Dehradun, we believe that this can’t be achieved just by classroom teaching. We offer an unmatched blend of academic excellence and co-curricular activities. This superior quality in education is enabled by a supportive and modern infrastructure on the school campus.

The school offers a range of best-in-class facilities to its students to ensure their overall growth and holistic development. Though there are many facilities available at the campus, below mentioned are a few important ones -

Computer Labs

The school also has dedicated labs for the students to be trained in computers. All the labs have been adorned with the latest hardware and software technologies so that our students are not left behind in the times of rapidly changing technology.

AV Room

There is an AV Room present at the campus which is used to teach concepts for various subjects ranging from Chemistry to Geography. It is used to integrate education with visual aid since it is much easy to remember and understand concepts when taught visually. The room is spacious, well equipped and fully can accommodate 150 students at a time.


The campus has added to its infrastructure a well-stocked library that caters to the needs of students of all classes - cutting across the subjects. The library is duly maintained and managed by dedicated staff.

The presence such amazing infrastructure on the campus ensures a very fulfilling learning experience for the students. Not only do they excel at their academics, but they also get ample opportunities to explore beyond that and this is the reason we are listed among the best Schools in Dehradun.

Admissions are open at The Heritage School.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Heritage – Best ICSE School in Uttarakhand

We believe that education has many benefits and has a positive impact on our lives. In order to inculcate the same at The Heritage School - Best ICSE School in Uttarakhand,  we provide our students with an environment to give them with the best form of education as we are aware that the students are an asset to our country. We believe that the students as an asset can explore better opportunities for themselves, and on the other hand, the entire nation would get benefited from their work.

Staying true to the fact of providing quality education, at the Heritage School we make sure that each student is provided education as such that they benefit themselves first and then eventually the society. They can certainly inculcate respect for spiritual and ethical values among students and make them understand that the promotion of human welfare, not ambition, is the end of life.
Education is an important medium to transmit national culture to the students. Staying true to this spirit we celebrate all the festivals from Diwali to Eid, to inculcate the true spirit of unity in diversity. The school exercises a powerful influence on the youthful mind. Religion has a big role to play in making men truly cultured and moral. But education also has a contribution to make to the transmission of national culture which we fully aim to provide our students with.

An educated man should have infinite curiosity, the passion to know and understand things in a scientific way, with complete objectivity. Each child is paid attention to and they are encouraged to ask as many questions which come to their minds. Knowledge is not gained until there is a curiosity.

We believe that the aim of education is not to develop one single virtue but to produce extraordinary human beings who understand the meaning of life and what it demands from them for which we provide our students with all the facilities in order to provide them with a quality education. Because of these facts we are among the best ICSE Schools in Dehradun.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Sports at Heritage - The Best ICSE School in Dehradun

A school can’t just be about the classrooms and the classroom teaching. Students can’t learn it all sitting within the four closed walls of a classroom. In fact, learning is all about exposure, experience, and practice. The Heritage School has always upheld this philosophy. We believe that our students should, along with the classroom learning, excel in various other fields and inherit qualities that would shape their character.  We also believe that sports is one of the most important catalyst for the growth of the children.

This is the reason why we encourage sports so much on our campus. At Heritage, we always make it a point to involve every student in as many sports as possible. Sports not only helps the students grow their physique and stay fit but more importantly, it enshrines in them qualities like discipline, leadership, teamwork, and creativity. We don’t see a better way than sports to help the students develop these essential qualities.

The various sporting facilities available at our school include football, basketball, cricket, badminton and table tennis. Facilities for skating and athletic sports are also available.

The school participates, as well as organizes several regional and national sporting tournaments. Recently, the Shri Rohitash Memorial Inter School Super 8’s Cricket Tournament witnessed participation from 24 schools from across the city of Dehradun. The tournament was organized for the 9th year in a row, and the best thing to have happened is that the Heritagians won the tournament for the first time ever.

Apart from this an Inter-House Boys and Girls Basketball Tournaments was also organized separately for the Junior and Senior classes. Inter-Council Schools Table Tennis, Volleyball and Football tournaments are also organized regularly by the Dehradun school.

One of the larger purposes of this special focus on sports is to ensure the overall health and fitness of the students. This is measured by regular health camps and checkups in the school itself. We are glad that we have been able to see an upward swing in the average health parameters of the school students.

Given all the special focus and the enthusiasm with which the administration and faculty of the school promote sports, you can stay assured that when at The Heritage School – the best School in Dehradun, your child is going to excel at sports. We have open the admissions for the session 2018-19.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Tips You Need to Get Ready for School in Time | Schools in Dehradun

Getting up and ready for school in time is always a big challenge for the students.No student likes to miss the school bus,and take immense trouble of an alternate transport, and after all that, reach school late and be punished? But it’s just that ones bed is too comfy and warm to leave!

Wait….it is not even that big a challenge as it seems to be! All that is required is developing a good routine, and follow it strictly. Once you set this routine, it will follow effortlessly.

Since ours is the best school in Dehradun, We postulate 3 tips you need to build that routine, and never be late to school.

Early to Bed

Remember that age old advice being served to us by our elders - “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Well, the saying is in fact the ultimate trick to never be late for your school - ever. You can’t trust yourself to get up early tomorrow, if you are heading to bed post midnight! Regardless of what you think, your body does need those 8 odd hours of good sleep to function properly. So develop a routine, set your body clock accordingly, and go to bed at least 8 hours before your intended time of awakening.

Preparing a Night Before

Preparing the night before is a very important factor if you don’t want to be late  to school the next day. It’s straight and simple.

Decide what you will take in the tiffin tomorrow.
Get your school uniform ioned - fine and bright, just ready to be put on.
Polish your school shoes.
Assemble your school bag; follow the nest day’s timetable.
Remember if you need anything specific the next day. (Sketchbook, crayons, paint colors & brushes)

Setting the Alarm

Once you are all set for the next morning, simply set an alarm and go to sleep. Make sure to set the alarm at least an hour prior to when you have to leave for school. You would need to set the alarm for the first few days, once your internal clock catches that routine, you will find that your eyes automatically open at that stroke of the clock!

Pro Tip: Keep the alarm clock away from your arm’s reach, so that you don’t hit the alarm off and go back to sleep. Place it such that you have to get out of your cosy bed to put it off. There are way less chances that you will go to bed again once you are out of it.

Being late to school is never a good idea. We feel elated when our hardwork makes us among top schools in Dehradun.  Therefore,the strict timings of school is a way to inculcate in the students the values of punctuality, discipline and time management. You learn these skills, be on time to school, and in the various walks of life, never be ridiculed for not being punctual.

Time Management is Life Management

The school years are some of the most important years of one’s life. These are the most memorable times, and also extremely engaging and...